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 Welcome to Membrane Process & Controls

Membrane Process & Controls (MP&C) was founded in 1992.  Its purpose is to provide a complete membrane process systems and control company for the Food & Dairy industry.  The company is premised on providing the customer with quality control systems, designed and commissioned by technically competent and knowledgeable personnel.   In 2008 MP&C hired a mechanical engineer to enhance its ability to provide environmental solutions and customized machinery.  MP&C specializes in Food and Dairy processing along with engineering industrial plants and custom equipment.

MP&C will work closely with the customer, from the start to the finish of the project, to make certain the customer understands what is being provided.  MP&C also helps in providing insight into methods and equipment that may help to improve the project reliability, economics, safety, and maintenance requirements.

MP&C offer a vast list of products and services including:

* Complete Filtration Systems, including UF’s, NF’s, MF’s, and RO’s.

* On-site trouble shooting of pneumatic and electrical systems, including instrumentation, actuators, controls and software.

* Consulting, design, building, and commissioning of PLC and MMI based controls for the Food and dairy Industry.

* CIP systems, Vat Automation and Plant Process Automation that allow the customer complete flexibility on setting up how the system operates without the need for outsourced programming.

For a full list of industries served, click on our Industries served button to explore how we can be of service to your business.

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A Leader in the Design, Fabrication & Installation of Membrane Filtration Systems with Expertise in
Pasteurization, Cheese Production, Whey Fractionation, Pharmaceutical Controls, Millwork Support & Wastewater Treatment Facilities