We believe every beer should have its own complex flavors and aromas, with attention to consistency that brings the brewery-goer back to their first sip with every new glass. In a flourishing brew market, we salute the culture – the focus on the people – and understand there are no two breweries exactly alike. In fact, we share these core qualities – custom, quality, consistency and the value of those we serve each day. Which is just one reason we love working with our micro- and commercial-scale breweries.

Unlike traditional beer centrifuge and other sedimentation removal processes, membrane filtration technology helps you retain the unique color, consistency and taste of your brew, while removing unwanted bacteria, yeast, spores, mold and other contaminants more efficiently and effectively.  Our micro- and commercial-brewing equipment applications include:

  • Beer filtration
  • Byproduct retention
  • Process water reduction and reclamation
  • Color enhancement and clarification

Our completely customized solutions are not only more effective than traditional methods, but they are also more sustainable. Through resource reduction, water recovery and process efficiencies, we are able to deliver more output with less input – which we can all raise a glass to.

Take a look at some of our turnkey beverage projects, membrane filtration systems and equipment installations here, or get in touch with a member of our beverages team to learn what a partnership with MP&C can look like for your brewery.