Though the images that come to mind when we hear words like “oaked” “toasty” and “charcoal” may be different, the appreciation of a great glass of wine is shared. Perfecting that wine’s flavor intensity, color and taste to create a unique blend of fermented perfection is a craft – which is why we truly respect (and thank!) the wine-makers we partner with. Through in-depth research and education, our team has been able to apply custom wine processing and filtration technology to help vintners take their bottles to the next level.

Membrane technology provides an economical alternative to conventional wine filtration methods without jeopardizing quality or taste. From the wine clarification and stabilization phases, through polish and final filtration, our custom wine filtration equipment keeps yeast, gas and contaminants out, leaving a perfectly filtered bottle that is rich in color and flavor.  Couple that with our custom designs, high-quality engineering and touchscreen panel controls, MP&C can deliver a turnkey solution for your needs.

With small- to commercial-sized wine equipment engineering and installation under out belts, we are ready to help you maximize production and minimize risk, while delivering a superior product through:

  • Color concentration
  • Lees filtration
  • Wine recovery with cross-flow filtration
  • Fining/clarification for bottling

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