Removing unwanted solids, bacteria like yeast and other undesirable contaminants through the clarification process is just one application of our highly-efficient commercial beverage equipment. With industry expertise spanning the juice, wine, beer and dairy industries, the team at MP&C is able to engineer, design and install custom filtration systems and beverage processing equipment complete with touch screen panel controls to help you create the highest quality products on the market.

In addition to clarification, our beverage processing capabilities include:

  • Color removal
  • Dealcoholization
  • Extraction of by-products
  • Process water reclamation and purification
  • Concentration for bottling and freezing, or to reduce shipping costs
  • Stabilization of wine and beer
  • Caustic cleaner recovery

Through every application in the beverage industry, our membrane technology and custom, turnkey solutions will help decrease the cost of process streams through reduced energy costs, water reduction and recovery and process efficiency improvements. Learn more about our specific beverage applications below, or get in touch with a member of our highly-responsive experts today!