While many byproducts have not previously been possible to utilize profitably, Membrane Processing & Controls is able to help you repurpose byproducts like whey and lactose as more valuable products. Not only does this create added income for your business, our technologies applied to the whey process allow us to recover thousands of pounds of water to be used within the CIP process at various plants and factories. Utilizing the water in this way allows companies to save water utility costs by recycling the water removed while processing the whey. This alone has saved and preserved vast amounts of city and private well water.

Through the use of our processing knowledge, we can help you gain the capability of capturing whey and other byproducts that can be used as nutritional supplements or in pharmaceuticals. For example:

  • Whey protein concentrate can be repurposed and sold to companies who produce protein-enriched products, such as bars and shakes.
  • Lactose can be sold to pharmaceutical companies to be used as a filler for their drugs.
  • Dextrose is often utilized as a muscle-boosting nutrient in post-workout supplement.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the dairy industry and applied understanding of the byproducts associated with the cheese making process, our team can help you increase profitability through a decrease in resources and an increase in byproduct repurpose. Reach out to a member of the MP&C team today to learn more about these capabilities and how we can partner on your next project.