Like the good state of Wisconsin, the dairy industry remains a pillar upon which MP&C was originally founded. In fact, we have been serving the dairy industry since 1992, and our decades-long relationship with dairy producers has given us an unparalleled understanding of the unique needs of milk and cheese processing plants to help improve operation flow, decrease cost and deliver the highest quality end product.

As the dairy industry enters the age of global competition, dairy processing plants are faced with increased regulation. Many of the traditional methods of treatments such as evaporation ponds and holding tanks are no longer financially feasible or environmentally sound. This creates a need to improve quality, while still remaining cost efficient. This is where MP&C comes in.

Our engineers have a deep understanding of dairy-specific filtration and production challenges. Through the use of custom plant designs, membrane technology and high-quality control panels, MP&C is able to offer our commercial dairy clients a turnkey solution that is able to reduce plant costs by:

  • Decreasing water needed for processing
  • Reducing plant effluent through our custom wastewater treatment process
  • Reduce bacteria to increase shelf life without the use of preservatives
  • Removing or reducing fat
  • Isolating and concentrating proteins
  • Separating useable by-products like whey protein concentrate from waste stream
  • Recovering water from waste streams for reuse in plant processes

Learn more about our milk, cheese and dairy byproduct (lactose, whey, etc.) specific dairy processing applications below, or contact a member of our experienced dairy team today!