Creating a fully efficient plant that produces the maximum amount of egg product can be a tough code to crack! That’s why the team at MP&C prides itself on excellent egg processing and handling technologies. There is  a lot of hard work and care involved in the farm-to-plant egg operation. We honor that diligence by implementing systems that improve production volume, increase plant efficiency, and maintain essential quality standards.

Our egg handling equipment capabilities include:

  • Egg white concentration
  • Egg shell centrifuge systems
  • Egg breakers
  • Egg processing equipment
  • Liquid egg pasteurization
  • Liquid egg filling
  • Egg pasteurization
  • Egg powder processing
  • Hard-boiled egg processing
  • Eggshell processing

Extended shelf life egg products make it possible for plants to maximize production and deliver long-lasting products to customers across the world. We believe in streamlining the efficiency of a plant while creating egg handling equipment to allow for maximum utilization of the product.

Eggshell and protein membrane separation is a complex process, and we understand the ins and outs. MP&C is equipped to meet every need of egg processing plants, from custom design to engineering and installation, to creating one-of-a-kind solutions. Our innovative technologies and equipment translate to higher efficiency and faster production times across the board. You feed the world. We help you do it faster and safer.

Reach out to a member of the MP&C team today to learn more about available capabilities and how we can partner on your next project.