In today’s fast-paced, environmentally-concerned world, the demand for water purification equipment is on the rise. And as this demand rises, so does the desire to produce more with less. Unlike older techniques such as distillation, extraction, evaporation, and ion exchange, membrane filtration technology is able to meet and exceed these demands safely and efficiently.

Utilizing membrane technology, MP&C is able to do more than purify and recycle water. Our systems can help your company recover valuable resources, meet regulatory requirements, eliminate discharge fees and fines, reduce wastewater, and produce safe, marketable products more efficiently. With most water purification equipment, one gallon in will return only half a gallon of purified water. Our treatment systems have a 90 percent return, meaning one gallon in returns nearly a full gallon. Our sustainable designs also decrease energy consumption and use of chemicals, meaning more savings and less environmental impact.

We offer water purification equipment and wastewater treatment for a number of clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Agriculture – We provide unique applications created specifically with the agricultural community in mind, including blood protein and other byproduct collection, runoff purification, wastewater concentration for reuse as fertilizer or fuel and more.
  • Food & Beverage – From purification of water for use in soft drinks, juices and other beverages to wastewater treatment for food production plants, we are experienced in the food & beverage industry. Our team will work with you to create a completely custom system that will meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Dairy – Through our many years of service to the dairy industry, we have learned a great deal about reclaiming water for reuse in boilers and during rinse and final rinse processes, reducing the need for private well and city water.
  • Manufacturing & Production – Our wastewater processing systems can be utilized throughout several different procedures in production and refinement to reduce the amount of water used. Applications include removal of silica, heavy metals and salts for processing, byproduct separation, demineralization, runoff and contamination capture, recovery of water for process rinsing or reutilization and more.

We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide systems that are not hindered by contaminated water or heavy use of chemicals during the purification process. Each system is completely customized based on your water source, environmental analysis, output needs and industry regulations. Additionally, our purified water meets guidelines set by worldwide health organizations including the USDA, FDA, WHO and EPA.

There are a multitude of ways that our water filtration and wastewater processing systems can be implemented in a variety of industries. Through every application, MP&C prides itself on providing a hands-on, fully-integrated approach that allows us to be nimble, efficient and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients and their requests. Ready for more? View some of our water treatment applications, or contact a member of our water team today!