We know milk is more than milk – it is a moment. From cookie dunkin’ to smiling mustaches, milk is a household staple that remains one of the most important, versatile foods we consume. And as the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for milk and milk products. Finding efficiencies that decrease waste and resources, while still providing the highest-quality, best-tasting end product is where MP&C can help meet this demand.

Through the use of membrane technology, custom engineering, high-quality design and touchscreen panel controls, our milk experts are able to deliver turnkey plants that can be utilized to treat, manufacture and package raw milk and other milk-based products. Our milk processing systems can:

  • Remove fat and color
  • Reduce lactose levels
  • Filter and reclaim process water
  • Remove unwanted suspended solids
  • Recover caustic cleaners
  • Extract byproducts
  • Concentrate products for bottling or freezing

From milk processing equipment designed with food safety and regulation front of mind through plant installation and control set up, our dedicated project managers will work to ensure your dairy processing plant is cost effective and sustainable. View some of our milk processing plant applications here, or contact a member of our team directly today.