Nothing says “good morning” like a glass of cold juice while enjoying bacon and eggs with the family. And at MP&C, family really matters, which is why we think (and rethink) the process it takes to get this juice safely and efficiently from the grove to the glass. Our solution: membrane filtration technology, custom designs and high-quality controls.

Membrane filtration technology is a growing alternative to conventional juice clarification and concentration, and MP&C is a pioneer in applying this technology to the premium juice industry. Through membrane filtration, we are able to remove suspended particles, bacteria, microorganisms, proteins and other unwanted solids, leaving a rich, savory juice with beautiful color and – well, consistent – consistency. All without the use of diatomaceous earth and less waste water than traditional filtration methods.

This process is all part of our purpose – to help produce high-quality products with a smaller environmental footprint. With less maintenance, production efficiencies, water reduction and reclamation, and byproduct capture, we help your juice company increase yields, improve juice quality and reduce resources.

In addition to juice filtration and clarification, we help juicers:

  • Remove bitterness
  • Capture byproducts
  • Increase color passage for dark juices
  • Concentrate juice for bottling and freezing

See some of our juice clarification and concentration applications, and then get in touch with one of our beverage specialists to see how we can partner with your company!